In this modern era, Iranian-Americans have reached new heights of prosperity in all fields of the business universe. Iranian-Americans have founded and held senior leadership positions in major U.S corporations, many in the Fortune 500 including EBay, Google, General Electric, Verizon, and AT&T as well as being proud and prosperous small business owners. The success of Iranian-Americans can be attributed not just to their education and business sense, but also the lessons learned from the rich Iranian culture.

At Sabz Publications, we wanted to connect all successful Iranian-Americans in a network intended to not only celebrate their accomplishments, but also give you a comprehensive look into all angles of the business world, including the influences of academia, art, philanthropy and the lifestyle issues that truly matter to you.

Prestige Magazine fuses the rich history of Iranian culture with the academic and business success that Iranians have had in the United States. Where we revere the achievements and international contributions of our great Iranian ancient history and heritage, we must also admire the impact that Iranian-Americans have on the world of business and academia today.










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